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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Visit from the DFES Commissioner

We were lucky enough to have a visit from the Western Australian Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) Commissioner himself, Wayne Gregson and also our District Officer Kate Parkey, at Sunday's training session. We had cool conditions and all the search dogs, both area and scent-specific tracking were loving our training exercises.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

WA Canine Section Annual Training Weekend- Donnybrook

Members of the Canine Section came together for a 3 day weekend of training in the south west of WA. This gave us all the opportunity to do some intensive training in a new environment whilst giving both handlers and dogs time for bonding and refining our search skills. 

We had a variety of training exercises including clearing and tracking through extensive paddocks, woodland and bushland. We also enjoyed searching in and around a large body of water. 

A very special thank you to Spearwood Valley Cottages for their excellent hospitality and to all who made this weekend possible. Thanks also to Bayswater Unit for lending us a 4WD and to our District Officer, Chris.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Search in Morangup

Two Canine Section dog teams were deployed to a search in the Avon Valley today. Search teams Chris and area search dog Piper and; Leonie, navigator Ashleigh and area search dog Jemma attended the search for a missing 44 year old man in Morangup. 

We are pleased to report the man was found just after 11am today after being missing since 1am on Sunday. 

Thank you to the efforts of all involved.

Courtesy of WA Today

Courtesy of Nine News Perth

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The SES Canine Section welcomes the upgrade of two area search teams

On Sunday 15th June, the SES Canine Section welcomed the upgrade of two area search teams: Chris and Kelpie, 'Piper' and Stephanie and Labrador cross 'Karma'; both passed their upgrade assessment to become full search dog handlers. 

A special thank you to George from the WA Police Dog Squad and also Ian from the K9 Section, for overseeing the assessments; our DFES District Manager Chris; members from Swan and Bayswater SES units (Shelly, Jo, Darren, Kevin, Savella, Angelo and Clayton) who were 'dog's bodies' and also members of the Canine Section. 

Well done to Chris and Stephanie for all your efforts and thank you once again to all who were involved in making these assessments possible.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

RSPCA Million Paws Walk 2014

Members of the Canine Section as well as thousands of others (human and dog kind) braved the weather at the RSPCA Million Paws Walk in South Perth. After the 5 kilometre walk we then met at the main stage where we had an interview with Channel Ten Weather Reporter, Michael Schultz, to talk a little bit about the Canine Section. It was a great way for both handlers and dogs to get out in the community, socialize and to meet others. A great day had by all!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Canine Section Manager attends Management Meeting


Leonie represented the Canine Section at the Managers Meeting on Saturday at the Emergency Services Complex. A good time for networking and catching up on what's been happening with other units around WA.

Visit from our District Officer

27th April, 2014

At our weekly training we had a visit from District Officer Chris Hudson.It was so great to meet our new DO and the next time he visits we will make sure to make him hide in the bush for the dogs to find! 

From left to right: Steph & Karma, Ashleigh & Radan, Ian & Sam, Chris, Leonie & Jemma, Rosie & Atlas and; Josh & Keiser.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Media report: Faithful dog stays by boy's side

Canine Section Area search dog teams Leonie and Jemma and; Stephanie and Karma attended this search. Jemma was the dog responsible for finding the missing boy. Well done to our teams, to the WA Police and fellow SES volunteers who assisted with this search.


Curled up asleep on a couch at a neighbour’s empty house, his dog Dusty faithfully by his side, three-year-old Abel Hart seemed unaware of the desperate six-hour search he sparked when he wandered from his family’s semi-rural property near Northam yesterday afternoon.

Bare-foot and wearing only one of his sister’s T-shirts, his nappy long gone, the little boy was uninjured when a State Emergency Service volunteer’s dog helped searchers track Abel to a house about 800m from where he vanished while supposedly having a nap.

This morning Abel was still tired from his long walk and too overwhelmed to tell his relieved mum Kelly exactly where he and Dusty went after slipping out of the Clackline home to visit the family’s horses in a back paddock.

Mrs Hart said she was “very happy” he was safe but still felt overwhelmed by what had happened after finding an empty bed when she went to wake Abel from his afternoon nap about 5.30pm.
She checked the paddocks where he often wandered to visit the family horses but there was no sign of him or his faithful dog Dusty.

“When I realised Dusty was missing as well it was an instant triple-zero phone call,” she said.
The famiy’s home in Clackline, about 80km east of Perth, is surrounded by bush and not far from dams on neighbouring properties.

“It tore me apart, I felt not only concerned but I felt like a bad parent because I’d lost my three-year-old,” Mrs Hart admitted.

She said the following hours were really hard, but the support of her family, friends, authorities and the local community helped.

Dozens of residents from nearby Clackline, Bakers Hill and Northam turned out to help search for the little boy as darkness fell.

Mrs Hart said she barely remembers what happened when news came about 11.30pm that he had been found. But she has been told she ran through the house to the nearest police car to meet him at the town hall.

“I just hugged and cried,” she said. But she said Abel does not seem to really comprehend what has happened.

It appears the little boy had walked to a nearby property and managed to get inside the empty house. He got something to eat from the fridge and turned on the television before falling asleep on the couch where he was found.

“To him it’s just like he went for a walk around the yard and they stumbled upon another house,” she said.

Mrs Hart and police thanked SES volunteers and everyone else who came to help search for Abel and Dusty.

“A huge thank you to the Clackline, Bakers Hill and Northam communities,” she said. “The support we got from people was unbelievable… people were on foot, in cars and baking food for searchers.”

The West Australian

Monday, February 17, 2014

Successful search for a missing 3 year old in Clackline

Sunday 16th February, 2014: Two Canine Section area search teams were activated to attend a search in the Perth Hills area for a missing toddler. The missing 3 year old boy was found well and safe just before midnight by Area Search team Jemma and Leonie- fantastic work team! Thank you to all the members of the community, WAPOL and other SES volunteers who came out to assist with the search.


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Perth Hills Fire

The WA SES Canine Section would like to express our sadness and send our warmest thoughts to those who've been affected by the recent fires in the Perth Hills. Thank you to all those fire fighters and volunteers who put themselves at risk to contain the blaze. 
An appeal has been set up, 'The Lord Mayor's Distress Relief Fund'.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Bicton Search 27/12/2013

St Ive's Nursing Home visit

On Monday (6/01/2014) Dog teams Chris and Piper and Stephanie and Karma made a visit to some of the residents at St Ive's Nursing Home. The residents were excited to learn about what the Canine Section do and how the dogs work. The dogs showed off some of their skills and there was also time for the search dogs to receive pats from new friends.