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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas from SES Dogs WA

The SES Search Dogs WA would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a safe new year!

By all means spoil your dog but please...

Remember to take care of your precious canines at this time of the year-steer away from chocolate (cocoa), onions, avocado, grapes/sultanas/raisins, alcohol and too much fat!

Also please keep your pooch hydrated during this hot period and NEVER leave your dog in the car-ever.

Please stay safe (and try not to get lost!),

State Emergency Service Search Dogs WA.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Tour of new DFES Headquarters in Cockburn

Dog Handlers Peter Terkildsen, Leonie Briggs and Stephanie Briggs attended a tour around the brand new Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) Headquarters last night in Cockburn. 

We met up with district managers and fellow team leaders and we were very lucky to see all the latest gadgets and equipment and set-ups in the emergency response centres, including the Regional Operations Centre and State Operations Centre.

Rest-assured WA is very equipped for major emergencies indeed!


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Search in Mirrabooka

On Friday evening Area Search Team Steph and Labrador, Karma were called out to search for a missing man in Mirrabooka. After searching dense bushland around Mirrabooka Avenue for a few hours, the missing person was found in Karrinyup.

All in all a fantastic outcome for the missing person and his family who were worried for his welfare.

Thank you to Doug from Stirling for navigating for our canine search team.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Search in Midland

Leonie and border collie Jemma, Chris and kelpie Piper and navigator Kenneth were activated at 3.30pm yesterday (13/12) to go to Midland to search for a missing elderly person. It was Kenneth's first search. The teams searched areas around Midland and were returning to search base when the call came that the missing person had been found in Dianella. Great outcome.

Thanks for your efforts Leonie, Chris and Kenneth and thank you area search dogs.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Search in Redmond Forest, NW of Albany

On Monday evening (10/12/12) scent specific tracking team Glenys and Manhon were called out to a search north west of Albany in Redmond Forest. The missing person had sustained injuries whilst on their dirt bike and became lost, as such the family and authorities were concerned for the well being of the MP.

Glenys and Manhon began their search from the site of the crash and followed the MP's scent along dense bushland and creek beds. The search was made difficult by poor radio reception and deep crossings along the creek. After many hours searching, the search team was stood down in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Fortunately not long after, the MP was eventually found and taken to a nearby hospital for treatment of his injuries.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Search Dogs on the job at Scarborough, Perth

On Sunday evening (2nd December) two area search canine teams were called out to a search in Scarborough. Both teams Chris and Piper and Peter and Daisy were searching various areas around Scarborough until late in the evening, when the missing person was found by a member of the general public. This was Chris and Piper's first official search since the team became operational in September.  Peter reported that the new team worked very well together.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Search in Mount Barker, South West

At 1200hrs on Friday 23rd November, Scent-Specific Tracking Team Glenys and Manhon (based in the Great Southern), were called to search for a 90 year old man on a farm just outside of Mount Barker.

Glenys and Manhon, along with their navigator, set off on their search on the farm and managed to find a good set of footprints to steer them into the right direction. The search included areas of farmland around a large dam and also small caves. Manhon showed good signs of picking up on the missing man's scent however after many hours searching they were stood down. It was upon their return to search base that the missing man was declared 'found' by his son on a dirt bike.

After chatting with the navigator who was with the son at the time of the find, Glenys discovered that they were only 500m short the the missing man's location and they were indeed on the correct scent trail to finding him before they were called to stand down. What a positive ending to the search: missing person found alive and safe and also knowing that our tracking team would have found him if they were able to continue.

Well done Glenys and Manhon!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wanneroo Dog's Breakfast

On Sunday the 4th November the K9 team headed to the Kingsley Sports Recreation Centre for the Annual Wanneroo Dog's Breakfast. We arrived at the event early and had the opportunity to look at all the stalls set up before the crowds arrived.

There were two rings set up in the centre of the event, one for agility demonstrations and one for sheepdog trials. A speaker from 96fm was the MC for the event and presented the 'face only a mother could love' competition. There were also demonstrations from small doggie clubs.

We were able to meet many of people and their dogs to promote the canine section and explain what we do.  It was so great to speak to other 'dog-lovers'. 

Unfortunately, at around 10.30am the event had to be officially cancelled due to severe weather conditions including a lightning strike nearby.

We were lucky to have our photo taken for the page 27 of the North Coast Times. Ashleigh with advanced area search dog, Jemma and Steph with area search dog, Karma. We're very much looking forward to being a part of the Annual Wanneroo Dog's Breakfast event next year.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Canine Section officially welcomes our new 'up and comer' area search dog

The Canine Section are proud to announce Mette and her Belgian Shepherd, Freya passed their indication test on Sunday, 21st October.They are now in training to become an area search team.

Congratulations from all of us, we know you both worked so hard to get to where you are today. Persistence pays off!We look forward to seeing you both graded soon to help us on search call outs.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The WA SES Canine Unit Welcomes A New Graded Handler and Two Advanced Upgrades

 Newly Graded Area Search Team- Chris and Kelpie, Piper
 Leonie and Jemma, Glenn, Justin, Ian and Peter and Daisy
 Piper ready for a search!
 Border Collie, Jemma enjoys play time after a successful find.
Peter and Belgian Shepherd,  Daisy
 On Tuesday the 11th of September, after months of dedication and training, Chris and Piper were declared an operational area search and rescue team. Chris, Leonie and Peter took part in a number of assessments under the supervision of retired police dog handler Ian Spreckley, Justin Watts from the WA Police Unit and with the help of volunteers from Northshore SES.

Congratulations also to both Leonie and Jemma, Peter and Daisy who were also successful in passing their upgrade assessments and are now advanced area search and rescue teams.

The grading of Chris and Piper brings the number of on-call operational canine search and rescue teams to five, four of which are area search and one tracking search team. We hope this increase in the number of handlers on call, will enable us to support WAPOL and the SES with more and more searches and make a significant contribution to our community.

Thanks go to the assessors, Ian Spreckley, SES and Justin Watts, WAPOL. Also to our district manager Glen Hall who provided welfare on the day and most importantly thanks to the members of Northshore who ‘bodied’ for us. Congratulations again to Chris, Leonie and Peter for being rewarded for all your hard work and efforts.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Canine Search Wednesday 29th August

There was a search on Wednesday night and the Canine Section was deployed at the request of the WA Police to assist in finding an unwell lady who was missing from Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.

Two of the canine teams were myself (and Karma) and Leonie Briggs and Jemma. We started searching from approx. 8.30 until after midnight. We were joined by a couple of navigators from North Shore SES and searched nearby bushland in Kings Park. The Police helicopter was also out using infrared cameras to locate the missing person.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Albany Training Weekend

4th and 5th August, 2012

The first weekend of August saw the Canine Section travel to Albany to join the Albany SES for a training weekend. Despite rain in the lead up to the weekend, Albany put on ideal weather conditions; sunshine and enough wind for the dogs to work with. The joining of units meant the Canine Section had the 'bodies' to hide in areas of plantation and bush for a variety of searches.

Under the direction of the Canine Section Training Coordinator, Ian Spreckley, members of the Albany SES (at times 2-6 at once) were placed in certain areas for the K9 teams (handlers and dogs) to find.

On Saturday training was conducted from early morning, through to the evening with short breaks for refreshments and meals. Sunday's training included some fun searches at a superb location that featured varying terrain, bush and also swampland.

All agreed highlights of the training weekend was the night training at a local golf course and also the meals that everyone looked forward to in between training exercises. Overall, it was a successful weekend and enjoyed by all involved.

Special thanks to Ian Spreckley, the Albany SES, Glenys Nottle, the WA SES Canine Section and other 'bodies' who gave up their weekend to volunteer. Also many thanks to Andrea who was our photographer and 'body' for the weekend.

Please see the link to the Albany Advertiser article written by Toyah Shakespeare.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Welcome to SES Dogs Western Australia

Welcome to SES Dogs Western Australia

Here is our new Blog site where all WA SES Canine Section members an post their comments, share photos and videos.

Please bear with us while we're working out teething problems. Any problems please let me know.
After our training weekend in Albany, I felt the need for a working blog site for all Canine Section members.

Happy blogging,