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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Canine Section Updates

Friday 30th September- area search teams Leonie and Jemma and; Chris and Piper were called out to a search in Caversham. The missing person was found by WA Police shortly after the teams had commenced search of their assigned areas. A great outcome.

Area search team Leonie and border collie Jemma, visited the year 6 Community Service Club at Perth College. They were a wonderful group of girls, very interested in what the Canine Section does. 

Wednesday 4th September- Leonie and Jemma; Brian and Steph conducted a presentation at the Perth Bush Walkers Club about the Canine Section. Leonie and Steph spoke about the role of the SES Canine Section in searches, how we train our dogs, what type of dogs we use, our commitment to the Section and more information on what it takes to join. We also talked about our experiences on recent searches. Following the presentation, David Osborne, club President said, "It was a real privilege for our  Club  to have Leonie, Stephanie, Ian & yourself (Brian) give up your evening to provide us with such an insight into your section’s activities and your good work for the community. It’s was really nice to see people so engaged and enjoying what they do.  Training and working with smart, happy dogs like Jemma must be very satisfying. From members’ questions, the presentation clearly generated a lot of interest." We thank the members of the Perth Bush Walkers Club for taking the time to hear us.

On Friday 6th September, Ashleigh, Leonie and Jemma attended the SES Cadets City Muster at Kingsway College. They gave area search dog demonstrations to about 150 cadets. Leonie and Ash were impressed by the enthusiasm and interest of the cadets. 

All in all a busy past few weeks! 

Upcoming events:

Sunday 15th September- the Canine Section will be out in our orange at the Whiteman Park 'Doggies Day Out', following our training in the morning.

20th- 22nd September-The Annual Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) Conference: Leonie, Chris and Kenneth will be attending.

September 22nd- Members of the Section will be taking part in a navigation course with the Perth Bushwalkers Club.

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