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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Two New Search Teams

More area search dogs based in the metro area

Two new teams underwent assessment last Sunday and have successfully passed all of the required testing to become operational search and rescue teams.

It was an interesting day for the assessment with wild weather causing wind gusts and sudden changes in wind direction throughout the searches but both teams took this in their stride and worked their dogs to the conditions.

Introducing kelpie Summer and her handler Zeffie

and aussie shepherd Maverick and his handler Kristie
Both teams have worked exceptionally hard towards their assessment and have spent many hours juggling training, family life and their working life to make this possible.  In addition to training their clever canines, both teams also undergo training through DFES in radio field communications, navigation and land search as a team member.  We are very proud to have you both as operational handlers within the unit and know that the public will be well looked after in your hands (and paws).

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