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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wanneroo Dog's Breakfast

On Sunday the 4th November the K9 team headed to the Kingsley Sports Recreation Centre for the Annual Wanneroo Dog's Breakfast. We arrived at the event early and had the opportunity to look at all the stalls set up before the crowds arrived.

There were two rings set up in the centre of the event, one for agility demonstrations and one for sheepdog trials. A speaker from 96fm was the MC for the event and presented the 'face only a mother could love' competition. There were also demonstrations from small doggie clubs.

We were able to meet many of people and their dogs to promote the canine section and explain what we do.  It was so great to speak to other 'dog-lovers'. 

Unfortunately, at around 10.30am the event had to be officially cancelled due to severe weather conditions including a lightning strike nearby.

We were lucky to have our photo taken for the page 27 of the North Coast Times. Ashleigh with advanced area search dog, Jemma and Steph with area search dog, Karma. We're very much looking forward to being a part of the Annual Wanneroo Dog's Breakfast event next year.

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