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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Search in Mount Barker, South West

At 1200hrs on Friday 23rd November, Scent-Specific Tracking Team Glenys and Manhon (based in the Great Southern), were called to search for a 90 year old man on a farm just outside of Mount Barker.

Glenys and Manhon, along with their navigator, set off on their search on the farm and managed to find a good set of footprints to steer them into the right direction. The search included areas of farmland around a large dam and also small caves. Manhon showed good signs of picking up on the missing man's scent however after many hours searching they were stood down. It was upon their return to search base that the missing man was declared 'found' by his son on a dirt bike.

After chatting with the navigator who was with the son at the time of the find, Glenys discovered that they were only 500m short the the missing man's location and they were indeed on the correct scent trail to finding him before they were called to stand down. What a positive ending to the search: missing person found alive and safe and also knowing that our tracking team would have found him if they were able to continue.

Well done Glenys and Manhon!

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